Tracking the progress of a child

If your child attends a nursery or child minding setting then their education progress will already have started to be tracked. From a very young age, learning centres such as nurseries, child minders and schools are expected to monitor and record the progress a child makes in their education and this is often done in a more informal way that exams.

A child is monitored in day to day activities and their achievements are recorded in a file often with photographic or video evidence to support the claims. It may be that your child has learn how to create a recurring pattern with some beads, and as this is one of the milestones assessed, this will be recorded down. This allows all institutes to not only compare students to a national average but also to themselves. Children’s progress is regular checked to ensure that they are progressing as they should be and to highlight any problem areas that may need revisiting.


Special needs in education

Some children and adults need a little more help during their time in education. It may be that they have a physical or mental disability that means certain tasks are harder for them to complete or it may be a learning difficulty that they have such as dyslexia. Places of education such as schools, colleges, […]

Job hunting

Searching for a job can be a time consuming process. It can also be a little disheartening if you are struggling to find positions that you want to apply for and that you have the necessary qualifications and/or experience in which to apply for. There are a number of places where you can search for […]